COVID-19: Vaccination Status in Africa

Thanks to the COVAX program, vaccination against COVID-19 could also be started in Africa. But the availability of vaccine doses remains too low. We took a look at the vaccination status against COVID-19 in Africa. […]

Mozambican Women’s Day

Josina Machel fought for independence and women's rights in Mozambique. After her death on 7 April 1971, this day was declared Mozambican Women's Day. [...]

Easter in Africa

At Easter, children in Germany in particular enjoy colorfully painted Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies that the Easter Bunny has hidden for them. But what is Easter like in Africa? [...]

Corona in Namibia

COVID-19 has also impacted Namibia. Find out what measures have been taken and the impact on the country's economy and healthcare system here. [...]

Mozambique Classified as Corona Risk Area

Mozambique is struggling badly with the Corona pandemic and has now been classified as a Corona risk area by the German Foreign Office. What impact does this have on the mental health of the population and what is the status of vaccination? [...]

Christmas in Mozambique

Whether in Mozambique, Germany, or other parts of the world - Christmas is the festival of love, when the whole family comes together. But what does a typical Mozambican Christmas look like? […]