The new Hotel Management II vocational training program gives young people on Cape Verde better opportunities on the job market.

The Hotel School Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Cabo Verde (EHTCV) provides training for the tourism sector in Cape Verde. Since its foundation, the vocational school has already trained more than 4,000 students, who have easily found employment in the local labor market. The next Hotel Management II training class will start in September 2022.

Meeting the Needs of Hotels

Sérgio Sequeira, director of the EHTCV in Praia, is determined to provide high-quality vocational training for all. We have supported the EHTCV in this endeavor since the beginning of our partnership and make it possible for young people from financially disadvantaged families in particular to receive vocational training by awarding scholarships.

The hotel management school works closely with local hotels and monitors development in both the tourism sector and the labor market. In doing so, they adapt the school’s training programs to the needs of the labor market.

During our project trip to the island of Sal, we also spoke personally with hotel operators. It turned out that there is an acute shortage of middle management personnel in Cape Verde. This is because many locals lack professional training and the accompanying qualifications for this position. Therefore, to fill these positions, hotel operators have to resort to foreign labor. This is a shame because it means that the local population only partially benefits from the country’s positive tourism development. In addition, middle management positions mean a higher salary, which in turn provides financial security.

However, Sérgio Sequeira sees the biggest problem, not in the fact that too few training opportunities are offered, but that many cannot afford the training.

Better Qualifications for a Financially Independent Future

With the new Hotel Management II training, which has been available since 2019, the EHTCV is responding to gaps in the labor market. For this, the hotel management school creates better training conditions for young people to reach higher positions in the hotel industry in Cape Verde.

The two-year training includes 3 internship phases in different departments of the hotel business. This is to prepare graduates in the best possible way for middle management positions in hotel facilities.

For more than two years, the principal and his team have been preparing for this new challenge. The first training class successfully completed the training, including the internship phases, in May 2022.

Successes of Our Scholarship Holders

  • Successful completion of training for all scholarship holders.
  • Completion of the internship phases in a qualified hotel company.
  • Employment of all scholarship holders in the respective internship company after completion of the training.

In addition, two of our scholarship holders decided to complete a 6-month professional internship directly following their training.

Impact of the Coronavirus-Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our fellows faced special challenges during their training. Both the school and the students had to adjust to new forms of instruction such as distance learning and smaller student groups. Unfortunately, the attempt to continue teaching as distance learning via online platforms failed. This was because most students did not have stable Internet access and did not have the necessary equipment such as a PC or laptop. As a result, the training had to be temporarily interrupted. However, the time lost was made up, so the training lasted longer overall.

Between 2020 and 2021, the school could not accept new students because the dormitory was temporarily converted into the Corona Vaccination Center. In September 2022, the new Hotel Management II training can finally be offered again.

Silvana: Young Mother With a Big Goal

Silvana is the youngest of two siblings, her mother is a single parent and works as a maid. At the age of 18, Silvana completed secondary school. Her mother could not afford vocational training for financial reasons. Young Silvana was therefore forced to pursue a job without education to financially support her family. When Silvana learned that the FHF was offering scholarships for vocational training at the EHTCV, she did not think twice and immediately applied for the interview. In the personal interview, we got to know Silvana as an open-minded and very determined young woman – and she showed that during the 2 years.

The FHF scholarship enabled her to study Hotel Management II. Already the acceptance for the scholarship was a great success for her. In a letter to us, she wrote that it was the most beautiful moment of success in her young life. Never before had anyone given her something so great. Her words touched us deeply and showed us the impact our work has on people’s lives.

Role Model for Own Daughter and Young Women

Silvana became pregnant unplanned during her education but decided to continue her education despite the pregnancy. This was because she wanted to provide a better life for her child and be a role model for other young women. With the support of her family, the hotel school, and FHF, she was able to complete her education shortly after giving birth.

She completed the mandatory internship as a receptionist at Hotel Vulcao on Santiago Island in Cidade Velha. Silvana finished the internship in June 2022 and was offered a job in the same department. She is very proud of what she has achieved so far and would like to continue her professional development in the future.

We are also very proud of Silvana’s career and wish her and all our scholarship holders good luck in the future!

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