"So what do you do for a living?" Our answer is: "We are hosts!" In fact, we couldn't have chosen a better job in the world.

Why be a host?

We spend most of our lives at work. It would be a shame if we just served this time. The great thing is that we don’t know any hosts who feel that way. A host never gets bored, because every guest is different and varied. Each day holds its very own surprises in store. In a nutshell, the mission of our profession is to make other people happy.

This is what is most beautiful about this profession, because we often find out immediately from the guest’s feedback whether we are successful. We notice it in a smile, in a sincere thank you or simply in the fact that guests come back. It’s incredibly empowering when we manage to lift the spirits of a guest who may have had a bad day – whether it’s through a nice conversation or a delicious meal. We appreciate this motivation very much, because it is rarely found, especially in other professions.

Multiple Enrichments

In addition, hosts come into contact with cultures from all over the world. From this, highly interesting conversations and contacts arise, sometimes even for life. It is always a surprise how quickly people of different nations and languages can communicate with each other. That is another advantage of our industry: the barriers to enter are low. Anyone who is open to the world and its many aspects can make it in the hospitality industry. Those who strive for it get the opportunity to climb the career ladder. The versatile job profiles make it possible to contribute personal strengths.

The profession is also a great enrichment for personal development. Through the interaction with people from all over and from all the sectors of society, we have learned what tolerance and international understanding means. Hosts convey values such as helpfulness, cordiality, trustworthiness and diligence, which we would also like to pass on to our children.

What’s also exciting is that we get to know a wide variety of characters – including people of public interest such as athletes, actors or politicians. Often, as hosts, we get to see a completely different side of these personalities, one that is denied to the media. This is a privilege and a sign of trust that we are proud of.

These are the reasons why we are hosts with heart and soul. We would like to share our passion and keep it for the future. That’s why we are particularly concerned with cultivating and revitalizing the culture of hospitality – on a professional and idealistic level.

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