Many people are skeptical about monetary donations. Does my money actually reach where it is needed, and can my contribution make any difference at all? We look into these questions.

What Is Meant by Donations?

A donation is a voluntary contribution made in the form of money, in-kind contributions or donations of time for a

  • scientific,
  • religious,
  • charitable,
  • charitable,
  • cultural
  • economic or
  • political purpose.

Donations are an act of solidarity that help support societies, institutions and, above all, people. They finance (aid) projects and thus contribute to a better living situation for people in need.

The Meaning of a Donation

Every donation helps and can lead to the long-term improvement of an entire society Even small contributions create future prospects and help those affected to help themselves, the “help for self-help”. An example of this are building projects of schools or vocational centers, which qualify and prepare young people for their professional life.

We at the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation are convinced that every donation can make a big difference. Because used correctly, they can make a positive and lasting difference not only to the lives of individuals, but also to entire societies.

Why Should I Donate?

With every donation you support the work of an organization and make it possible. But donating also has a positive effect for oneself: one actively contributes, which leads to a positive feeling, and one can give something back to society.

Supporting the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation – Help That Gets There

We welcome every donation, whether for a specific project or not, and ensure that it goes directly to supporting our cause.
We support various projects in the categories:

  • People
  • Institutions
  • Research
  • Infrastructure

You can find an overview of our projects here.

Whether you make a one-time donation, a regular donation or a bequest – every contribution counts and makes our work possible in the first place. Because it is only through your support that we can continue our work.

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