It was a successful year for the 35 students of the Hotel Management School. The one-month internship, which was incorporated for the first time after completion of the first semester, was a complete success and will become a permanent part of the curriculum.

The recruitment 

After a first round of selection, 72 female students were invited to the school for an interview. 40 of the selected students were then visited by the school’s teachers in their villages for a second interview to select 35 students.  

The school year 

The students arrived on 7/1/2021 and the official school started on 7/5/2021.
The 2021/2022 curriculum was changed. In order to optimally prepare for the one-month internship at the end of the first semester (December 10 to January 7), which was incorporated for the first time, the female students were intensively trained in modules on the subjects of guest room cleaning and cooking, in addition to English and soft skills. The internship (after the completion of the first semester) ended on Jan. 07, 2022 and the second semester started as scheduled on Jan. 10, 2022.
During their internship, the female students were supervised very closely. A teacher visited the hotels once a week to get an impression of the students on site and to consult with the respective department managers.
The very positive feedback from the hotel managers as well as the students confirmed to the MTADF that it had been a very good decision to introduce an internship after the completion of the first semester and to have adapted the curriculum accordingly. The one-month internship after completion of the first semester will become an integral part of the curriculum.  More specific preparation for the profession can be made in the second semester.
In the first three months of 2022, in addition to intensive English lessons, basic knowledge in ‘Housekeeping, Restaurant Service and Culinary Art’ was deepened and concluded with a quarterly exam at the end of March.
In view of the upcoming transition to the working world, the focus in the spring was on deepening the soft skills of “conduct and behavior” in the workplace and learning how to write letters of application and conduct job interviews. New additions in April and May included basic front office skills and computer courses (introduction to the Internet, writing emails, and using Word).
All students of the class of 2021/2022 finished the course with the internal final exam at the end of May 2022. Thanks to the well-developed network, all students have found a trainee position, half of which are in Zanzibar.
20 of the girls were registered for the VETA exam, which took place from June 20 – July 1, 2022. These students started their internship positions on 7/4/2022. The remaining 14 girls started their 3-month internship already on 6/1.

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