Despite the challenges of the corona school year 2020/2021, all the girls did well in the school training and passed the internal examination.

The recruitment 

The preparations for the recruitment (information mailing, etc.) have already started in February 2020. After an initial selection, 70 schoolgirls have been invited for a first interview and 45 for a second interview. In the end, 35 girls were selected.  

The school year 

The girls arrived on 7/23. On 27.7. the school year 2020/2021 has officially started.
Due to the lack of guests, the training plan has been adapted to the new reality. Thus, modules largely based on theory, such as English, life / soft skills and computer knowledge, have been brought forward or intensified. The practical work could be practiced intensively in November and December due to the presence of guests.
All students passed the internal examination. 5 students had difficulties in learning the theoretical knowledge. Thanks to individual support they also passed the internal exam. All 25 students who were registered for the national VETA exam passed the exam. The students left the school campus in mid-June to begin their internships.
All graduates of the 2020/2021 school year have successfully completed their internship. 28 graduates have permanent jobs, half of which are working in a 4-5 star hotel in Zanzibar. Three other students were able to find a part-time job. 

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