There are many special moments in life that we share with our family and friends. Take advantage of this occasion and do something good by forgoing gifts and donating instead.

Many people choose to forgo gifts and flowers on certain occasions such as birthdays, company anniversaries, or weddings. Instead, hosts ask people to donate to a charitable cause or project. This is a great way to do some good and support the community.
Examples of occasion donations:
– Birthday,
– Birth or baptism of a child,
– wedding,
– company anniversary,
– club celebration,
– Christmas, etc.

Possibilities for Occasion Donations
There are various ways to organize occasion donations. For example, a donation box can be set up at the party or you can start a donation campaign on social media. It is important to inform the guests about the intention in good time, preferably directly on the invitation.

Donations in the Event of Bereavement
For the bereaved, the condolence donation (estate donation) is a way to do something good in memory of a loved one. Instead of buying flowers and wreaths, mourners are asked to donate to a charitable cause. For example, a project that a deceased was committed to during his or her lifetime. It is important to inform the guests about this early on, such as in the obituary or the invitation for the funeral service.

Testamentary Donations
In a testamentary donation, the donor decides during his or her lifetime that a charitable organization should be included in his or her estate plan, in addition to his or her relatives and friends. Here, it is important to specify in the will exactly how much should be donated to the charitable cause.

This Is How the FHF Fundraiser Works
Would you like to donate money to the FHF or collect money for a donation at your next celebration, event, or even bereavement? For this, we offer you different possibilities.
You can indicate the name of our organization and the bank details on the invitation so that your guests can transfer money directly to us. But there are also various donation options available on our website. Just scan our PayPal QR code or fill out our donation form on the website.
This is also possible if you prefer to collect money with a donation box. Please feel free to contact us for this – we look forward to your request! It is also no problem to issue a donation receipt for the individual guests. We recommend that you make a list with the names, addresses, contact details, and donated amounts. Send it to us and we will be happy to take care of issuing the individual donation receipts.

Tax Advantages of Occasion Donations
For every donation you have made to our organization, you will receive a donation receipt, also known as a Zuwendungsbestätigung. You can submit this to your responsible tax office as a special expense.
For donations up to an amount of 300€ the tax office does not require a donation receipt, a simplified donation receipt such as a bank statement is sufficient. More information on this topic and what you should pay attention to when donating more than 300€ can be found here (link to the blog post: Donations: Tax advantages).

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