* 14. Juni 1938 † 14. November 2020

In silent mourning, we say goodbye to Senator E.h. Siegfried Lingel– our friend, mentor and supporter.

Siegfried Lingel was a role model. One of the good guys. With his passionate social commitment, he has enriched many lives – including ours. His enthusiasm for Mozambique was contagious. We have been able to accompany Siegfried Lingel on several trips to Mozambique and have seen for ourselves how much he has achieved for people – often with few resources.

We were deeply impressed by the heart and soul with which he tirelessly campaigned for development policy and better educational opportunities. We also follow his example in our aid projects.

His entrepreneurial and social work will remain unforgotten. A legacy for eternity.
Thank you, Siegfried, we have learned a lot from you!

“Your footsteps are silent, but the traces of your life remain.”

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