The social responsibility and sustainability of a company are playing an increasingly important role in today's society. With the help of corporate donations companies give something back to society. And that also has a positive effect on the company's image.

What Are Corporate Donations?

Corporate donations are made without consideration, serve a charitable purpose, and are voluntary. They can be made in the form of goods or services or as a monetary transfer.
Companies primarily support charitable or regional organizations that are active in the same or related fields.

The Advantages

Corporate donations are tax-deductible if they serve a charitable, benevolent, or ecclesiastical purpose. However, donations not only provide companies with tax benefits, but also increase awareness among customers and the community.

If a company supports educational projects, for example, it attracts the attention of future trainees. The company’s image is also improved and trust in the company is increased.

Other benefits can include:

  • Showing corporate responsibility to the outside world
  • Tax advantages
  • Securing the future of the industry

Corporate Donations at FHF

Would you like to support the hospitality industry? Then you have come to the right place. Because Friedrich Hospitality Foundation (FHF) is committed to promoting vocational training in these areas. Your corporate donation helps us support educational projects to give young people better prospects for the future. Because we place great value on our independence, we only work with companies whose values match ours.

Responsible Handling of Corporate Donations

Transparency and quality are of particular concern to us. With your corporate donation, you not only support us financially but also give us your trust. We thank you for this by handling the funds entrusted to us consciously and transparently. With our project reports as well as annual reports we inform you, as our partners, about the use of the funds.

Donation Receipt

In order for your donation to be accepted by the tax office, you will need a donation receipt if your donation exceeds 300€. We will of course issue this to you. For donations up to 300€ you only need the deposit slip or a bank statement.

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