Due to the Corona pandemic, everything is different this year. Summer vacations abroad in 2020 will also be different from what we are used to. Despite continued limited travel and vacation options, planes continue to take off for popular destinations. But what do I have to consider at the airport and when I am flying?

Hygiene Rules at the Airport

To ensure the safety of passengers, the existing hygiene rules also apply in the airport. In addition, you should allow more time for check-in than at non-Corona times. Due to spacing and sanitation rules, there may be delays at the counters. Online check-in and baggage drop-off is even better.

Hygiene Measures in the Airport:

  • Compliance with the recommended minimum distance of 1.5 m to other persons
  • Wearing a mouth-nose covering, the mask requirement applies to children from the age of 6.
  • Use of the contactless disinfectant dispensers in the terminal
  • Proper coughing and sneezing (into the crook of the arm)

There are also Corona-related changes at the security checkpoint:

  • Only one hand luggage allowed per person
  • Stow keys, cell phone, wristwatches, etc. in carry-on luggage or in jacket pocket
  • Remove belts and shoes only when asked to do so

Hygiene Measures on the Plane

To avoid coronavirus infections, wearing the mouth-nose covering is also mandatory during the entire flight period. This also applies to children from the age of 6. Since space in the aircraft is limited, it is usually not possible to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5m. Some airlines therefore block the middle seat. With other airlines you have to reserve and pay for it additionally – if you want to. To minimize contact with other passengers, it is recommended that you book a window seat. Air conditioning on airplanes will also help to keep coronavirus infection low. Due to the strong ventilation, a complete air exchange takes place in the cabin every two to four minutes. But: Even if the strong ventilation is an advantage – infections can not be prevented by it.

Conclusion: How Safe Is Traveling at the Moment?

Despite the distance and hygiene rules, most people remain somewhat insecure about traveling. Because a certain residual risk cannot be avoided. If you decide to go on vacation, make sure that you follow the hygiene measures and behave responsibly. This way you can protect yourself and others.


  • Take sufficient mouth-nose coverings with you
  • Pack your own hand sanitizer
  • Allow enough time at check-in
  • Observe distance and hygiene rules
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