With every Mike's Charity Burger you order, you help Ukrainian refugees. Mike's Urban Pub donates 50% of the sales to the non-profit Friedrich Hospitality Foundation for refugee aid.

Fundraising With the Restaurants of Mike’s Urban Pub

Friedrich Hospitality Foundation and Mike’s Urban Pub have launched a joint fundraising campaign for refugee aid: Mike’s Urban Pub is offering the fundraising burger „Mike’s Charity Burger“. 50% of the sales of this burger will be donated by Mike’s Urban Pub to Friedrich Hospitality Foundation. We will ensure that Ukrainian refugees have a chance to get back to normal life with the help of donations from this fundraiser.

The Mike’s Charity Burger can be ordered at the

To find out which burger is the current Mike’s Charity Burger, visit www.mikes.pub/en/charity-burger.

The burgers on the restaurant menu are particularly popular because Mike’s Urban Pub makes the minced meat for the burgers themselves, which guarantees fresh quality and positive guests’ reviews.

Refugee Aid Is Not Just Emergency Aid

Refugees have to leave behind not only their homes, relatives, and friends, but also their regular lives. Suddenly, they can no longer go to school, to their vocational training, or to work. But regaining a bit of normality, even far from home, is absolutely essential for daily life.

Future Defined by Hospitality

Hospitality helps to heal emotional wounds. At the same time, the hospitality industry offers versatile jobs. That is why we specialise in hospitality in vocational education.

Our non-profit aid organisation makes education possible for all those who either cannot afford it or, as in the case of refugees, are in an exceptional situation. This gives refugees a perspective of improving their living situation in the long term, even far from home.

The aid measures of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation also include stabilising the living situation of those in need of help so that they can successfully complete their education. This includes, for example, providing accommodation, equipping them with learning materials, or giving them the opportunity to attend language courses.

You can soon find the latest news about the fundraising campaign “Mike’s Charity Burger” for refugee aid on our project page.

You cannot visit one of Mike’s Urban Pubs but would still like to help? Then you can donate online here.

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