Coronavirus in Mozambique – Current Situation

Corona in Mosambik - die aktuelle Situation

Despite intensive efforts to keep the number of coronavirus cases in Mozambique low, there is a rising trend in the number of infections. For this reason, president Filipe Nyusi extended the state of emergency by another 30 days on Sunday, 28 June 2020, for the third time in a row. The Mozambican president wants to avoid a new peak of the pandemic in his country to reduce the pressure on hospitals.

Work and Employment

Despite the state of emergency, entry into Mozambique is permitted for professional and managerial staff and investors. These groups of people are urgently needed to boost the economy and tourism. However, only flights from countries with which an agreement based on reciprocity exists are permitted.

In the public and private sectors, companies are allowed to increase the number of employees working in 14-day cycles. However, this is limited from one third to a maximum of half and only applies if hygiene measures are observed.

Industry, Trade, and Transport

The local authorities have the task of reorganising the markets for trade. They should also create opportunities to ensure that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between sellers and customers is observed. The general improvement of health conditions is also part of their duties.

Drivers entering Mozambique for cross-border trade must wear a face mask and be tested for corona virus. This includes a temperature measurement and, if necessary, a corona test. In public transport (passenger, freight and long-distance transport) drivers must expect increased checks.

The authorities and the border police are urged to

  • increase the monitoring of compliance with hygiene measures in public transport,
  • enforce the permitted capacity in the transport of people.


Gymnasiums must remain closed and the joint training of national teams is also prohibited. Individual outdoor sports activities are permitted.


  • Museums and galleries may open. However, visitors must keep a distance of 2 metres between each other.
  • Restaurants remain open.
  • Bars must remain closed.
  • Cinemas, churches and theatres remain closed.
  • Concerts and similar events are still prohibited.

Schools and Universities

The gradual restart of face-to-face teaching is imminent. The Government has taken appropriate measures to ensure the gradual return of classes. In doing so, it has considered the need for education in society. In the coming days, the government will give its detailed opinion on this matter. The World Health Organisation representative in Mozambique also supports this decision.


On 2 July 2020, the Mozambican Minister of Health inaugurated a corona test laboratory in the province of Nampula. This was set up specifically for the investigation of suspected cases of corona. Since more corona tests can now be carried out, the Ministry of Health expects a significant increase in the number of infections. Current figures show that the corona virus is already spreading in all districts of the city of Nampula.

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