Let’s talk about being a host.

“And what are you doing professionally?” Our answer is: “We are hosts!” In fact, we could not have chosen a better job in the world. Why? We spend most of our lives at work. It would be a shame if we just waited for this time to pass. The great thing is: we do not know a host who feels this way. A host will never be bored because every guest is different and the tasks are diverse. Every day entails a new surprise. In short, the mission of our profession is to make other people happy.

This is also the nicest thing about this job because if we succeed, we often know it immediately through the feedback of our guest. We notice it by a smile, a sincere thank you or just by guests who are returning again. It’s an incredible boost to be able to lift the mood of a guest who may have had a bad day – whether through a nice chat or a delicious meal. This direct motivation in a job is rare and we appreciate it very much.

In addition, hosts come into contact with cultures from all over the world. This results in highly interesting conversations and contacts, sometimes even for life. It is always a surprise how quickly people of different nations and languages ​​can communicate with each other. That too is an advantage of our industry: the entry barriers are low. Anyone who is open to the world and its rich diversity can make it in the hospitality industry. If you want it, you have the opportunity to climb the career ladder. The versatile job profiles make it possible to bring in personal strengths.

Also for personal development, this profession is a great asset. Through the points of contact with people from everywhere and from every social class, we have learned what tolerance and international understanding truly means. Hosts convey values ​​such as helpfulness, cordiality, trustworthiness and diligence, alll of which we also want to pass on to our children.

Moreover, it is exciting that we get to know a wide variety of characters – including those of public interest such as athletes, actors or politicians. Often, as hosts, we get to see a very different side of these personalities, one that is denied to the media. This is a privilege and a vote of confidence that we are proud of.

For these reasons, we are hosts with all our heart and soul. We would like to share our passion and preserve it for the future. That is why it is very important to us to cultivate and invigorate the culture of hospitality by supporting young people – on a professional and idealistic level.