Personal words of the founder.

First I would like to thank you: Thank you for your time and your interest in our foundation! Your support brings us closer to our goal: a better future for the next generation.

My name is Michael Friedrich, founder of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation. I’m the offspring of a family whose hospitality profession is also a passion and I am a proud father myself. On vacation and on business, my travels have taken me to many different places in the world. The various cultures that I encountered, but unfortunately also the big financial and social gap, have deeply impressed me. But what connected all countries and people was the warm hospitality. In numerous discussions, I have met young people who were full of energy, but had no chance or means to pursue their career path. Eventhough, the potential for big achievements slumbered in them!

These impressions lasted. As a father, I am all the more aware of the responsibility we have for the next generation. Should not we make sure that our children get a safe start into adult life? Should we not do everything to pave the way for them? At the same time, I have observed a disturbing development in the hotel and catering industry. The personal service too often gives way to the standardized all-inclusive. The relationship between guest and host is exactly what makes a memorable stay. We can only feel well if we are not treated as part of the masses but as individuals. So what can we do to preserve the culture of hospitality?

From all of these thoughts, the idea for the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation was born. It is important to us that a considerate way of behaving is lived in our foundation – both by us from the foundation and by the scholars. Our non-profit organization brings the industry that our heart beats for together with those whose passion only needs a perspective. Hospitality is this perspective because it is so versatile that everyone can bring their individual strengths. That is why we support people for the hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism. We ensure their education and we ensure that a solid basis exist – eg. through the construction of hotel management schools.

We want to open doors and build bridges – between travelers and locals, between education, science and business and, above all, between the present and the future.

On our website, you will find details about us and our activities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in our foundation.

We happily welcome any support!

Your Michael Friedrich
Founder and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation