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Would you like to apply for a grant or suggest someone for it?

Please fill out the following application form. So we get a closer impression of your person. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

“Courage is at the beginning of action,
Good luck in the end. “</ Span> </ h3>



We do not promote indiscriminately, but stand by our mission. This is clearly defined. Please discuss with us, our goals and our values before applying. Only if you can identify with it does cooperation make sense.

As a guideline, we have subsequently compiled a code of values which we presuppose to be supported.

I share the vision of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

I pursue the goals of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

I always act sincerely and consistently stick to the values ​​of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

I commit myself to the requirements and rules of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

I align my own actions with valid laws and norms.

I respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Basic Law.

I do not participate in any form of discrimination or violence.

I clearly distance myself from misanthropic, racist and any other radical ideas.

I adopt a neutral attitude towards religious, ideological or political beliefs.

I never take drugs or other substances that fall under the Narcotics Act.

I’m not convicted and no police investigations are going on.

I strictly exclude forced labor, child labor or other forms of illegal work.

I strictly reject all types of corruption such as bribery and extortion.

I am ready to take responsibility for my actions and the consequences of them.

I am aware of my responsibility towards my fellow human beings and my environment.

I plan ahead in terms of economy, ecology and social responsibility.

I act strategically, efficiently and cost-consciously to make my projects work in the long term.

I work in every respect sustainable and resource-saving.

I contribute to a functioning society through my behavior.

I show respect and appreciation for the person, the abilities and skills of another through my respectful dealings with my fellow human beings.

I respect clearly formulated expectations, wishes and criticisms of others.

I have a fair relationship.

I keep closed agreements.

I maintain a constructive feedback culture.

I do not tell any untruths and only pass on information that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true.

I do not misappropriate funds.

I say honestly but appreciatively my opinion.

I stand by my mistakes and do not cover them up.

I admit, when I need help myself.

I document carefully the use of the means entrusted to me and grant at any time insight.

I deal reliably and predictably with the funds.

I abide by agreements made.

I commit myself to absolute confidentiality and discretion when dealing with privacy-related information and business secrets.

I communicate directly and transparently.

I behave cooperatively and collegially.

I prefer and do not discriminate against anyone and do not let myself be bribed.

I am open to my opinion and my position.

I have the courage to make unpopular decisions.

I dare to think outside of conventional boundaries.

I give new concepts a chance.

I imagine constructive criticism and self-reflection.

I encourage training and the use of advanced technologies.


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