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Wie und Was wir unterstützen wollen

Although 30% of the population in Mozambique is considered undernourished, only a fraction of arable land is used. Agriculture in Mozambique is still in its infancy, with most farmers practicing subsistence agriculture.
In addition, the country is suffering greatly from the effects of climate change. The south in particular repeatedly has to contend with prolonged drought. As a result, agricultural production is also severely affected in the Vilankulo region.
Gastronomic businesses in the region, such as hotels and restaurants, have to resort to imported goods from neighboring cities or often even from abroad. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made it more important than ever for local people to be self-sufficient, as food imports were also affected.

The project was a joint initiative of the Mayor of Vilankulo William Tunzine and the late Honorary Consul General of Mozambique Senator E.h. Siegfried Lingel of the German-Mozambican Society (Deutsch-Mosambikanische Gesellschaft, DMG). The aim of the project is to improve the cultivation of vegetables and pulses in the city of Vilankulo, so that the production of these products can be increased and surplus can be sold locally (among others to hotels and restaurants).

Fakten und Impressionen

The project is in the middle of progress. The first 15 smallholder farmers have been receiving training since November 11, 2020 in the areas of: construction of an agricultural greenhouse to produce seedlings and plants; field irrigation system; seed and seedlings; field cultivation techniques with handmade hoes; harvesting of products.

  • Ort: Vilankulo, Mozambique
  • Verantwortlich: German-Mozambican Society
  • Status: Active
  • Schirmherr: -

Neues zum Projekt

Der Standort

Vilankulo is a coastal town in Mozambique, located in the northern part of Inhambane province, with a population of 135,710. Since 2018, Vilankulo has been the first municipality in Mozambique to have a friendship treaty with the German city of Aalen. The province of Inhambane has a high potential in tourism. The main attraction is the Bazaruto archipelago. The group of islands off the coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean is part of the 1,400 m² Bazaruto National Park, one of the largest marine protected areas in Africa.

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Projektpartner vor Ort

We are a member of the German-Mozambican Society e.V. (DMG). DMG has made it a priority to support young people, especially unemployed young people without sufficient schooling, and children from the poorest backgrounds who have been abandoned by their parents, in their education and training. From 2021, Michael Friedrich will further intensify the cooperation with DMG as a member of the Board of Trustees.