Reporting of the Amounts from the Fundraising Campaign “Donate Your Room Cleaning”

Thank you for participating in our fundraising campaign "Donate Your Room Cleaning"! You will receive a quarterly donation receipt, which is fully tax-deductible if you report the donated room cleanings to us and have transferred the donation amount.

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Founding of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation

On 18.05.2018, the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation (FHF) was founded with headquarters in Stuttgart. It is named after the mission and founder Michael Friedrich and is committed to the vocational training of socially disadvantaged people in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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Ggmbh: What Is a Non-Profit Gmbh?

Legally, our non-profit organization is considered a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH). Everyone has heard of limited liability companies (GmbH). The GmbH is one of the most common corporate forms for corporations in Germany. But how does this fit with the nonprofit status? We will explain what is meant by the term gGmbH.

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