Due to the ongoing pandemic, the hospitality industry is facing extreme challenges internationally – worldwide. As a result, savings are also being made in education. With years of convincing people why education is also important in the hospitality industry to promote sustainable tourism in the long term at risk.

Especially in these times, solidarity and support for each other is crucial. Continue to join us in advocating for hospitality education and support our work!

The Friedrich Hospitality Foundation is an independent organisation and registered as a non-profit limited company. Thus, you can fully deduct your donation from taxes. From an amount of 300 euros, you will receive a donation receipt from us at the beginning of the following year, which you can present to the tax office. All donations under this amount, the donation receipt, which you will automatically receive by e-mail, is sufficient.

You can view the donation you made by entering your email address under “Account” in the top right menu and then confirming an email sent to you. Of course you can always contact us via the button on the bottom right if you have any questions!

Whether it’s a one-time donation, regular giving or bequests – every contribution counts and allows us to continue our work! The donations of so many people make our work possible in the first place.

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good reasons TO DONATE – Help NOW!

  • Our projects help people in social need by helping them to help themselves.

  • We work with local partners together who know about this sitatuion on the spot.
  • Your donation goes directly to those who need the help the most.

  • We work effectively, transparently and thus comprehensibly for you at all times!
  • We are regularly audited by the tax office and publish our income and expenses on our website.
  • The Friedrich Hospitality Foundation is a non-profit organisation and has been recognized as being worthy of support. As a non-profit corporation, we are exempt from corporate income tax pursuant to sec. §5 I 9 KStg. under the tax number 99124 / 03523.

  • Donations of under 300 euros can (since 2020) be deducted from tax without submitting a donation receipt. A simple proof, for example a payment receipt or a copy of your bank statement, is sufficient.

  • Donations of €300 or more will receive a donation receipt from us by email at the beginning of the following year upon request. This can be presented to the tax office. You can find out more about this in our article “Donations as a tax deduction”.

  • Donation receipts (donation certificates) in electronic form are recognized by the tax office and are valid without our signature. For this reason, we generally do not send the certificates by mail, among other things to keep the administrative costs as low as possible.

  • We value lean management. As one of a few non-profit donation organisations, we do not charge fixed administrative costs for incoming donations.

  • There are many ways to donate: By setting up an occasional donation (e.g. for a birthday or Christmas) or have you ever thought about making a donation in your will? We will soon be setting up a donation store, the profits will be donated. Corporate Partners can help with corporate donations. Here is an amount to the versatile donation possibilities.

  • With this donation calculator, your annual tax savings can easily be calculated.

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Hannah Grüter

Support as a hotel or a company

With social commitment, you set a noticeable example for your company in public and make a valuable contribution for the next generation – and thus for the future. To become our Corporate Partner, we require that companies identify themselves with our mission and values.

Below you will find an overview of the cooperation possibilities for hotels and companies

In this form of cooperation, you provide us with a funding amount of any value. When you exceed certain funding amounts, you will receive a symbolic Badge of Honor (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond). We are happy to combine your financial injection from silver status with a press release and, if desired, with a check hand-over. You may also use our logo for your marketing activities (e.g. on sales materials).
In companies, there are always rearrangements and changes in office supplies or equipment. The old things then all too often end up in the trash. We want to put an end to this and help you donate instead of throwing away. We will arrange the transport of these funds to one of our sponsored projects.
In this form of cooperation, you can actively participate. For example, you can present a lecture on a specific topic, lead a seminar or workshop, or present entry-level opportunities at your company. In return, it would be conceivable to have the trainees and students work on an assignment of your choice.
Would you like to express your gratitude to your own customers and partners in a sustainable way? The best gift for this is an investment in the future. We provide you with the appropriate framework for this – in the form of information material or cards for greetings and congratulations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@fhf.world
You haven’t found the perfect approach for you yet? No Problem! We would be happy to work with you to develop a form of cooperation that meets your ideas. Just contact us and tell us about your idea!

Promotions for hotels or companies

Donation terminal: The donation box goes digital!

Cash is being used less and less. Therefore, we have digitized the classical donation box! Help us by placing the donation terminal for example at the reception desk of your company.

The equipment you get from us: a pre-programmed iPad with card reader, a box for cash, a stand and all the accessories for assembly and connection.

In addition, we provide a roll-up banner so that you can draw attention to the campaign.

We have explained the entire process from registration to implementation in this blog article.

Register your company now!

Skip to Give: Donate room cleaning

The “Donate Room Cleaning” or “Skip to Give” campaign for hotels is a new kind of approach to donate money and which doesn’t require the hotel guest or a company to spend extra money.

To support the fundraiser, guests need do nothing more than skip their daily room cleaning. The resources saved are used in the form of a donation for the projects of the non-profit organisation Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

Join us with your hotel!

Are you already participating in the fundraising campaign with your hotel? Here you can report the number of donated room cleanings or order matching doorhangers in our online shop.

We say Thank you

As a token of our appreciation, we honor you with our Honor Award when your donation exceeds a certain value. It is a visible symbol of your social commitment that you can incorporate into your communications.

For example, display it on your website and draw attention to your charitable activities – as an inspiration and role model for others!

from an annual donation a sum of 1.000,- €

from an annual donation sum of 10.000,- €

from an annual donation sumof 50.000,- € onwards

from an annual
Donation sum of 100.000,- €

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