The Friedrich Hospitality Foundation (FHF) has set itself the goal of laying the foundations for a solid education in the hospitality industry and giving socially disadvantaged people a professional perspective.


The Friedrich Hospitality Foundation was born out of this basic approach. In addition to many other tasks, our non-profit organisation focuses on individual challenges in the educational system of the respective project country and deals with all questions that arise in the development of education.

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Commitment for the next generation

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Future defined by Hospitality

We are proud of our profession and the values it conveys: Helpfulness, cordiality, tolerance and diligence, to name just a few. Through our profession we have learned about life in different levels and we would like to give the next generation the chance to gain this experience. That is why we are particularly concerned to cultivate and revive the culture of hospitality by promoting young talent – on a professional and idealistic level.

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