Our Mission

Our responsibility to the next generation does not stop when they graduate from school. This is only the beginning of the educational biography, after all. Far too often when traveling to developing countries, we have seen young adults being left alone after school. Disoriented.

It is a matter which ist very close to our heart to give these individuals a perspective and guide them on their professional path in the hospitality industry. The industry’s diverse job profiles open up opportunities in all career stages. The internationality of the travel industry creates interaction with cultures from all over the world and contributes to greater tolerance and international understanding. Therefore, we also make sure that sustainable tourism is taught.

In order to meet the responsibility, functioning foundations are essential. That’s why we see it as our duty to advance not only individuals, but also the teaching and research programs in the hospitality, gastronomy and tourism sectors.

Our work is based on our personal identification and commitment to the tasks and goals of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation. Values are not just empty words for us. They are principles by which we live our lives – carefully and consistently. Therefore, we pay close attention to the adherence to these values – by our (volunteer) staff, supporters and grantees alike.

Based on our mission and values, we have defined guiding principles to which we are committed. The ultimate goal is to maintain our common stance at all levels and at all times and to bring our mission to life. Our guiding principles accompany us in our daily work and should serve as a guide for action for everyone.

In particular, we want to strengthen countries where tourism creates many jobs, but where there is a lack of funds for solid training.

Currently we have projects in Mozambique, Tanzania, Cape Verde Islands and Germany.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We take responsibility for our society and environment.
  • We will behave in a reliable and loyal manner.
  • We will only pass on information that is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
  • We respect the opinions of others – regardless of religious, ideological or political convictions.
  • We maintain respectful fair dealings with each other.

  • We respect the dignity of the individual.
  • We are committed to the common good.
  • We speak out clearly against anti-human, racist or other discriminatory ideas.

  • We maintain an unbiased attitude and thus neutrality.

  • We plan and act with foresight in terms of economy, ecology and social responsibility.

  • We carefully select funding projects.
  • We review ongoing funding projects regularly and in detail.

  • We keep administrative costs as low as possible.
  • We are strictly controlled by independent bodies every year.

  • We have clear internal structures and responsibilities.
  • We are always available for questions.

Our Promise

We raise most of our funds from private donations and through cooperation partners. Through this, we retain our political independence. Every single donation from private individuals and companies is therefore extremely valuable to us – every small donation is followed by a big impact!

Your donation is also a great sign of trust for us, which we appreciate very much. We take the responsibility which it entails very seriously and are committed to careful, safe and sensible use of the funding.

The social neediness of people and the appropriateness of projects are checked under strict conditions before acceptance, so that our help actually reaches those who need it. The company’s own internal controlling department monitors the use of funds and the selection of projects for funding. A project report is prepared at least every six months on existing funding projects. Only after a thorough review of these reports will further funding be released to continue the project. In addition, we undergo a voluntary audit by an independent auditor every year and disclose our donation income and its use in the annual report.

We want that you know at all times where your donation is going and how the projects are progressing. In our blog we keep you up to date!


Many people rely on us: People who build a better future with our help, and people who make it possible for us to do so with their donation. Everyone has a right to know who benefits from funding, how it is allocated, and how it is used. They trust in sustainable use and an effect that lasts. We are very proud of the trust placed in us and guard it like a treasure.

For this reason, transparency, efficient spending and the lowest possible administrative costs are our top priorities. We maintain constant contact with our project partners and scholarship holders in order to always be up to date. In this way, we can respond quickly and make well-founded decisions. Being close to the people involved is very important to us, because it is the only way to find out with certainty whether our work is being effective. In discussions with the people involved, cooperation partners, politics, business and locals, we find out what the needs are and what goals can be implemented. We also go hand in hand with other non-profit organizations to create synergies. This is why our team members are always available to answer your questions directly and without hierarchical hurdles.

Since 2021, the FHF has voluntarily undergone auditing by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI).. Through this, we ensure the greatest possible transparency towards our donors. In 2021, FHF was awarded the DZI donation seal,which stands for exemplary transparency and effectiveness in the use of donations.

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Our Team

Michael Friedrich
Michael FriedrichFounder
Martin Pleiss
Martin PleissMember of the Executive Board
Claudia Behrens
Claudia BehrensAssistant to Chief Executive Officer
Charline Hesker
Charline HeskerHead of Social Engagement
Hannah Grüter
Hannah GrüterHead of Social Engagement

Our executive leadership directs the non-profit organization in accordance with our mission and establishes the organisational structure. As the decision-maker, it sets the strategy, selects funding projects, manages the assets and adopts the budget. The Board is also responsible for the preparation of the annual report and financial statements and receives the reports of the independent auditor. In addition, the management represents the non-profit organization externally.

Michael Friedrich is founder and CEO of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation. In this position, he ensures that the mission and purpose of the nonprofit organisation is always adhered to.

As a hotelier with heart and soul and a successful entrepreneur, he has all the prerequisites to manage the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation professionally and efficiently. At the same time, he always maintains the humanity that defines hospitality and drives our nonprofit organization.

Behind our non-profit organization are more people who live hospitality and want to create the foundation for a better future through their commitment to the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

Would you like to get involved too?