Would you like to apply for funding or suggest someone for it?

Please complete the applications forms. This will give us a more accurate impression of you or the project. We will contact you as soon as possible.

“Courage is at the beginning of action,
happiness at the end.”


We do not support randomly, but stand by our mission. It is clearly defined. Please familiarize yourself with us, our goals and our values before submitting an application. Only if you can identify yourself with it, a cooperation makes sense.

As a guide, we have compiled a code of values below which needs to be observed as a requirement for funding.

In case of non-compliance, we reserve the right to withdraw the funding. A refund of the support that has already been given is also not ruled out if you violate our agreements.

Share the vision of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.
Pursue the goals of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.
Consistently adhere to the values of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation and be sincere.
Comply with the requirements and rules of the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.
Align own actions with applicable laws and standards.
Uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution.
Do not participate in any form of discrimination or violence.
Dissociate from misanthropic, racist and any other radical ideas.
Adopt a neutral stance towards religious, ideological or political beliefs.
No use of drugs or other substances covered by the Narcotics Act.
No current police investigations or previous convictions.
Strictly reject forced labour, child labour or other forms of illegal labour practices.
Oppose all forms of corruption such as bribery and extortion.

Take responsibility for one’s own actions and the consequences.
Be aware of responsibility towards other people and the environment.
Plan with foresight in terms of economy, ecology and social responsibility.
Strive for long-term functioning projects by acting strategically, efficiently and cost-consciously.
Work sustainably and conserve resources in every respect.
Promote a functioning society by your own behaviour.

Appreciate other people and treat them with respect.
Respect clearly formulated expectations, wishes and criticism of others.
Cultivate fair interaction.

Keep signed agreements.
Cultivate a constructive feedback culture.
Do not tell lies and only share information that is true to the best of your knowledge.
Do not misappropriate funds.
Speak one’s own mind honestly but appreciatively.
Own up to one’s own mistakes and do not cover them up.
Admit when help is needed.
Carefully document the use of the funds entrusted to you and allow access to them at any time.

Deal with funds in a reliable and predictable manner.
Keep signed agreements.
Commit to absolute confidentiality and discretion when handling sensitive information and business secrets.
Communicate directly and transparently.
Behave in a cooperative and collegial manner.
Do not accept bribes and do not favour or disadvantage anyone.

Openly stand by one’s own opinion and position.
Courageously stand by unpopular decisions.
Think outside conventional boundaries.
Give new concepts a chance.
Allow constructive criticism and self-reflection.
Advocate further education and the use of advanced technologies.