In addition to the classic donation box, we have developed a donation option that is beneficial for us, hoteliers, their guests, and the environment. The fundraising campaign "Donate Your Room Cleaning" is a novel approach to giving without the guest or company having to shell out any extra cash.

Daily room cleaning does not have to be

What does the term “Donate Your Room Cleaning” mean? If the guest has checked into the hotel for more than one night, daily room cleaning is usually a standard service. But is this always necessary? If guests decide to skip daily room cleaning, this saves cleaning agents, water, and working time. The cleaning crew can work more effectively elsewhere, and the resources saved will go to a good cause. Last but not least, this action also protects the environment.

Helping can be so easy

To support the fundraising campaign, the guest only has to hang the donation bag or the donation doorhanger in the room on the outside of the room door. This indicates to the housekeeping team that room cleaning is not necessary for that day. The resources saved are used in the form of a donation for the projects of the non-profit organisation Friedrich Hospitality Foundation.

Register Your Hotel Now!

Start the “Donate Your Room Cleaning” campaign in your hotel as well! All you have to do is send us an email to with the key data of your hotel, e.g. how many rooms your hotel has and when you would like to start the fundraising campaign. Once we have this information, we will explain the rest of the process to you. Implementation is quick and easy. For example, you can directly order the matching “Donate Your Room Cleaning” door hangers from our online shop. We look forward to your message!

Successful implementation

The campaign with the donation bags or door hangers is very well received by the hotel guests. The fundraising campaign has already been successfully implemented, for example, at the ibis Styles Stuttgart and the ibis Styles Trier. It has never been easier to act in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way while doing good with your donation.

About the Friedrich Hospitality Foundation

The non-profit organisation Friedrich Hospitality Foundation encourages education in the hospitality industry for socially disadvantaged individuals. Donor-funded support activities range from the awarding of individual scholarships to the construction and operation of new hotel management schools. For example, the construction of a training kitchen in Vilankulo (Mozambique) and the awarding of scholarships to hotel management students on the Cape Verde Islands.

Be a part of it! If you are a guest in one of the participating hotels, hang the donation bag or doorhanger in front of your door!

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