Last Updated: 26. May 2021

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Besides English-speaking tourists, many Germans are also attracted to the Cape Verdean islands. In order to facilitate communication between tourists, tour guides as well as staff in hotels and restaurants, language skills in German are a big plus. Otherwise, the language barrier often leads to misunderstandings and consequently to dissatisfaction.

The non-profit organization CODE CV is our local partner in Santa Maria on Sal, Cape Verde, and regularly offers language courses for local employees from the hospitality industry. One challenge here was to get German-language teaching material without high costs and effort.

Therefore, we established contact with Ernst Klett Verlag for CODE CV and recommended the derdiedaF portal for non-profit institutions, where didactic materials for levels A1-B2 are available free of charge. After a short introduction, the CODE CV was able to use all materials independently.

This made it much easier to prepare lessons for CODE CV and improved the quality of the teaching.

Fakten und Impressionen

The project was completed with deployment and rollout to the derdiedaf portal in October 2019. CODE CV continues to use the teaching materials from the portal on a regular basis to this day.

  • Ort: Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde
  • Verantwortlich: CODE CV
  • Status: Completed
  • Schirmherr: -

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The sunny island of Sal is one of the nine so-called "Islands of Bliss" of Cape Verde. It enjoys warm summer temperatures year-round. Sal is known for its endless, beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. Especially in the south there are countless accommodations, including well-known hotel resorts, and tourist offers. The town of Santa Maria is located about 10 km from the island's capital Espargos and is considered the tourist center of the island.

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