Last Updated: 26. May 2021

Wie und Was wir unterstützen wollen

Our five scholarship holders, who are currently pursuing the 2-year hotel manager training, should be able to complete their second mandatory internship, which is part of the curriculum, in Germany. A number of German hotels were in discussion for the 3-month internship abroad, which would have provided the students with a mentor.
The internship abroad was intended to prepare them for everyday working life as well as to further enhance their qualifications.
However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the curriculum has been changed. It is not yet clear when the internship period will begin.
As soon as the situation has normalized, a follow up of the internship abroad will be examined. This also depends on the situation in Germany, as there are currently no hotels that have so much business that they could supervise and employ interns.

Fakten und Impressionen

The project could not be completed yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as the current situation allows, further steps will be planned.

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The EHTCV is the only hotel management school in Cape Verde, with headquarters in Praia, Santiago, and a small branch in Santa Maria, Sal. It was established to give locals the chance to receive professional training in tourism, the islands' most important industry, in order to obtain skilled jobs or even start their own business.