In the special edition of the encyclopaedia " Tourismus, Hotellerie und Gastronomie von A bis Z ", the collected knowledge of the industry awaits you.

About the Author & Publisher

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fuchs has been the head of the study programme “Business Administration Tourism, Hotel Industry, and Gastronomy II” at the Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Ravensburg since 2001. He is the publisher of the book and also one of the authors.

The Friedrich Hospitality Foundation (FHF) made the publication of the special edition possible. The non-profit organization brings education to places where young people cannot afford it themselves. The focus here is on the hospitality industry, as it provides valuable and sustainable job opportunities all over the world. This way, the FHF creates opportunities to get out of unemployment and gives a perspective to many young people facing existential challenges.

The Special Edition

The FHF has participated in the special edition to keep the exchange of knowledge alive and to share knowledge. The books are used on different occasions, whether it is in an academic environment, e.g. when giving lectures, or in a business environment when exchanging information with project partners or for special fundraising events. The special edition was realised as a project of the FHF. The cover is therefore in the unmistakable FHF design.


In the special edition of the book ” Tourismus, Hotellerie und Gastronomie von A bis Z “, more than 60 experts share their knowledge about tourism, the hotel industry, and gastronomy in more than 1,300 entries. The keywords range from airlines, airports, travel agencies, tour operators, the hotel industry, and gastronomy to reservation systems, tourism organisations, and much more. They vary in length and include not only explanations of technical terms but also longer articles. In addition, the thematic link to central business, legal, social and psychological contexts is established, which contributes to a deeper interdisciplinary understanding.


Some of the terms are explained in great detail and are easy to understand with the help of illustrations. Often, even in the case of supposedly self-explanatory terms, one receives detailed background information that unexpectedly enriches knowledge and understanding.


Stories, appropriate quotations, and cartoons loosen up the character of a traditional encyclopaedia and thus make it attractive to younger target groups. The reader will want to leaf through the thick book again and again and discover new things.


The special edition of the book “Tourism, Hotel Industry, and Gastronomy from A to Z” is an informative reference book for students and also practitioners who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge.

For more information, see our project “Special Edition of a Reference Book“. You can order the book in our shop.

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